Miami Beach’s building code requires a Silver LEED certification for all new public projects. The convention center, will achieve this standard. Elements of the design include rain harvesting for storing and utilizing for cooling towers, installation of reduced flow water fixtures, sun shading the exterior perimeter of the building, daylighting the public spaces, using high efficiency LED lighting, using occupancy light sensors throughout the building, saving 200 existing trees and planting new canopy trees, and reducing energy consumption by 20%. In addition, city officials are addressing sea-level rise in several ways:

  • Collins Canal – The city is making improvements to the existing canal edge to account for flood projection requirements based upon new sea level rise projections. Mangrove habitats and native vegetation will be restored along the canal.
  • Storm Events – The project is being designed to a 25-year, 3-day storm event as the maximum stage for site drainage retention. The design also increases the overall pervious area of the campus by 245% thereby reducing heat island effect by replacing 6.2 acres of asphalt with landscaping.
  • Critical Building Systems – All critical building systems such as emergency generators, communication systems, electrical switchgear, electrical panels and emergency responder radio enforcement systems are being raised above the proposed new flood level requirements. In addition, the first floor level of the building is being raised by four inches to meet the current requirements of City, State and Federal building codes.